PFLP leader Khalida Jarrar: boycott Knesset elections, oppose UN resolution

khalida_jarrar“The content of the UN Security Council draft resolution was about a return to negotiations, not an end to occupation,” said Comrade Khalida Jarrar, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. “The terms of the draft were at an even lower level than previous international resolutions. We reject bilateral negotiations and under the auspices of the United States. This is a pathway to negotiations and more negotiations. . . The Palestinian official leadership knows that talk of ‘two states for two peoples’ is not a Palestinian national consensus, nor are land swaps with the occupation state.”

Jarrar said that this draft should be withdrawn, and not re-submitted. “It is much better to withdraw this draft than to put it forward in its current form. It is necessary for Palestinians to take action against this project, which brings us back to the futile path of negotiations.”

“My people – and I am part of them – are exposed on a daily basis to harassment and oppression and therefore I will continue to struggle on the basis of positions that are clear and explicit. Occupation and oppression must end,” said Jarrar.

In regards to the upcoming elections to the Knesset, Jarrar said, “In our view, this parliament is one of the occupier. The participation of Palestinian Arabs who seek to give a voice to the Palestinian people in the Zionist Knesset gives cover to the occupation, and thus we urge a boycott of the elections and participation in the Zionist Knesset.”

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