The murders at Pike River

29miners_collage_2911_2This first appeared on Redline on November 7, but we’re putting it up again as we notice there have been a lot of hits on the ‘final cover-up’ article in the past few days. 

What happened at Pike River was that a company which put profits before safety effectively killed 29 human beings.  Those responsible – from the Pike River bosses to the members of the Labour and National governments who ran down mine inspections – have gotten off scot free.  The union boss who gave the Pike River Company a clean bill of health has, meanwhile, become leader of the Labour Party.

Key has been able to, with impunity, break his promise to the families that the remains of these 29 people would be retrieved.  He has paid no cost for that because the labour movement has failed to make Pike River a key political campaigning issue, in conjunction with the families.  The families have much public sympathy but are not in a position by themselves to mobilise that sympathy.

Pike River, how and why it happened, and how the key players responded, should never be forgotten.

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Below are articles about the Pike River explosions that killed 29 miners and the subsequent manoeuvrings by the company, the government and the EPMU leaders around the issue. They’re in chronological order, starting with the first article and ending with the most recent:

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