Final NZ general election results, 2014

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Results Counted: 7,554 of 7,554 (100.0%)
Total Votes Counted: 2,416,481
Party Party
National Party 1,131,501 47.04 41 19 60
Labour Party 604,534 25.13 27 5 32
Green Party 257,356 10.70 0 14 14
New Zealand First Party 208,300 8.66 0 11 11
Māori Party 31,850 1.32 1 1 2
ACT New Zealand 16,689 0.69 1 0 1
United Future 5,286 0.22 1 0 1
Conservative 95,598 3.97 0 0 0
Internet MANA 34,095 1.42 0 0 0
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 10,961 0.46 0 0 0


Above are the final results of the 2014 general election.  Compared to election night, National lost one list seat and the Greens gained one, as a result of the special votes.  While MMP is more formally democratic than the old First Past the Post system, it still produces anomalies such as ACT and United Future both getting seats, courtesy of National, while polling far less than InternetMana and the Conservatives, both of which got no seats.  The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party got twice as many party votes as United Future.

Voter turnout increased from the 2011 election. The percentage of enrolled electors who voted rose from 74.2 per cent in 2011 to 77.9 per cent in this election.  However, the percentage of the voting age population who enrolled to vote went down: this election it was 92.6 per cent, compared to 93.7 per cent in 2011.  This means that just over 71% of the voting age population went to the polls for this election, compared to 69% in 2011.  Not much of a rise, given the incredible campaigns designed to get people to vote.

Ultimately, of course, parliament is not where the key decisions affecting our lives are made; nothing passes through parliament without the agreement of the bulk of the class that rules and exploits us economically.

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