Andy’s Digest: Items of interest, Mon-Sun, Sept 22-28, 2014

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by Andy Warren

The TPP is being discussed in the channels of the left, wary and sometimes nationalistic. I did, however, find this previously unknown wee site while reading an article on new legislation on (Alex Jones – a strange mix that man): – which immediately started off on sensible note with some rational points about the election:

Elsewhere on the intellectual spectrum, the Electronic Frontier Federation (EFF) remind us that it is Banned Book Week:

“Global Warming” and “Climate Change” have dominated various social media channels. Various cities have seen massive marches demanding an end to Capitalism as a means to solve Climate Change, save the planet, and hence save humanity.  Even Naomi Klein has joined in with a new book “This Changes Everything : Capitalism vs Climate” – I struggled through George Monbiot’s awful book on the subject – although I like Klein’s other work I may be able to only

skim this.

Australia has embraced a frenzy of Terrorism scare mongering with an extra helping of police oppression of muslims so other Australians take it seriously:
and to finish – a little more on Militarised Police in the US

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