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Posted: July 7, 2014 by Admin in Labour Party NZ, New Zealand history, New Zealand politics

6a00d83451d75d69e2019b00aaa23d970c-800wiLabour’s annual snooze-fest took place at the weekend, the usual motley collection of wizened older cynics, opportunist thirty- and forty-somethings and a smattering of naive young people who think they belong to something left-wing.  TV pictures tended to indicate it was a rather small affair.  This dreary bunch of ‘alternative’ managers of the interests of the exploiting class continue to wallow in the polls and party leader Cunliffe especially so.  The ruling class aren’t yet ready to trade management teams, as they were in 1984 and 1999.  Maybe 2017?  Although Labour are long-proven to be no alternative for workers, chunks of the left chatter on about a “Labour-led government”, as if this would be some kind of positive alternative to Key and National.  And parties like Mana are up for doing business.

Below is a selection of material on Redline, dissecting Labour:

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The truth about Labour: a bosses’ party:

Shane Jones and the nature of the Labour Party:

Labour gains, workers lose (about Matt McCarten returning to Labour):

Labour’s GST and conventional weapons:

Union movement gathers for fairness at work, Labour gathers missionaries:

Labour’s leadership contest: illusions and confusions on the left:

Some further observations on the fourth Labour government:

Labour’s legal leg-irons:

Wharfies’ fight shows futility of unions giving money to Labour:

Labour’s introduction of peacetime conscription and the fight against it:



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