The statement below is from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

nakbaposterSixty-six years of Nakba have meant the uprooting of the majority of our people from their native land and the establishment of the Zionist usurping entity by force of arms, terror, massacres and falsifying history, and the fabrication of nationalist and religious myths, in order to secure the goals and objectives of the settler colonial fascist Zionist entity on the land of Palestine.

Sixty-six years have passed and the conflict has only intensified between the Zionist entity that constantly works to replicate and continue the results of the Nakba, and our people, who resist and renew their memory each year, refusing to accept the results of the Nakba and instead demanding their historical rights and reaffirming their unity. We recall and renew our memories – the scent of each village, town and city from which our people were forced; it remains even today, the fragrance of orchards and fruits, the honor of the martyrs, the wounds of the freedom fighters, the suffering of the prisoners and detainees. The popular memory contains the images of our collective national consciousness: memories of displacement, alienation and suffering that have kept our cause alive and strengthened the spirit of resistance and adherence to our rights and national goals.

Despite all the sacrifices made by our people over 60 years of Nakba and despite the brave resistance that has not stopped confronting the Zionist project, the national cause is exposed to a real risk. The enemy accelerates its deepening the occupation and the embodiment of its project on our land, taking advantage of the weakness and division in the Palestinian situation and the preoccupation with internal developments in the Arab world in some central countries, and the involvement of the international community in these countries in the region.

The enemy meanwhile accelerates the expansion of settlements in the West Bank, is racing to complete the construction of the Apartheid Wall and the Judaization of Jerusalem, the systematic abuse of Al-Aqsa Mosque in an attempt to prove its claim that it was built on the ruins of the temple. The enemy is also accelerating its formal procedures for the so-called Jewish State, to abrogate the right of return for Palestinian refugees and the permanent displacement of our people from our homeland of historic Palestine.

The Zionist project is clearly in complete contradiction to our national project, a fact openly stated without equivocation by the enemy, with no regard for international law, resolutions of international legitimacy, or international institutions. Instead, it is dedicated to ensuring the recognition of its demands as a condition of continuing negotiations, the “results” of which are decided with the Zionist project as their reference. Accordingly, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls to confront this project through:

  • the renewal of our adherence to the historical rights and national goals of our people and the rejection of all political projects which detract from them;
  • rebuilding the Palestinian national strategy focusing on the primary contradiction with the Zionist project
  • ending negotiations entirely, as they have more than proved their disastrous consequences and are in fact a real threat to the national cause and undermine the struggles to bring the ongoing Nakba to an end. In this context, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine urges an immediate review of the decision of the Central Council at its last session referring to returning to negotiations upon meeting conditions or requirements, when everyone knows this is a charade and that ending the negotiations is the only option
  • working quickly to end the division, dealing responsibly and seriously with mechanisms that have been agreed upon rather than managing division, and develop agreements to achieve national unity based on a political program that centers Palestinian rights and national constants and open all options to resist the occupation. This means serious unity and that the Palestine Liberation Organization and its institutions and all components of the political system must have democratic elections with full proportional representation
  • resisting attempts by the Zionist enemy to force “recognition” of the Jewishness of the state, and adhering firmly to the right of refugees to return to their homes, which is stipulated in UN Resolution 194 and put an end to any suggestions or initiatives that detract from this right
  • demanding the United Nations carry out its responsibilities to end the Israeli occupation and implement the relevant resolutions of the rights of the Palestinian people to return, self determination and an independent state with full sovereignty on the land of Palestine and its capital Jerusalem. Also, demanding the UN bear its responsibilities toward the Palestinian refugees and in particular to address their situation in the camps of Lebanon and Syria, whose suffering and displacement has been renewed once more, and to end the policy of reducing UNRWA services to refugees. The United Nations must uphold its responsibilities to refugees, including their political dimensions and all that entails.
  • working to build the movement of international solidarity and support for the Palestinian people and their rights, including the acceptance of Palestine as an observer state in the UN, which means joining treaties conventions and international organizations, as well as supporting the international movement to boycott Israel, “BDS,” which has a key role to play in isolating the settlement and occupation state and has achieved a number of important successes.

On the anniversary of the Nakba, we salute our steadfast people everywhere they are, demanding their historical rights. We salute our people in the ’48 areas who have maintained their national identity, resist, and still face plans to deport them from their land, their towns and cities. We salute our people in exile, in the refugee camps, who suffered the scourge of the Nakba and its cruelty in displacement and suffering. We salute the prisoners of freedom who defend our people’s rights and dignity and who are engaged in an open-ended hunger strike that deserves our utmost support. We salute and pledge to remain faithful to our martyrs who have fallen on the march until we achieve our goals of return to our homeland, freedom and self-determination for our people.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

May 15, 2014


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