John Tamihere and Willie Jackson consider moving to Saudi Arabia

by Daphna Whitmore

John Tamihere and Willie Jackson are feeling victimised, bruised and misunderstood.

In case you just woke up from a coma and  missed it here’s how the radio jocks explored the question of gang rape (or mischief as Tamihere calls it) of girls as young as 13 stupefied with alcohol. When 18 year old Amy rang their radio show to  talk about the Roast Buster rapists they fired these questions at her:

Tell me this, how old are you?

How did your parents consent to you going out as a 14-year-old til 3am in the morning?

So anyway you fibbed, lied, whatever, and went out to the parties –­ did you not know they were up to this mischief?

Well, you know when you were going to parties, were you forced to drink?

Don’t yous know what these guys are up to?

 Yeah but girls shouldn’t be drinking anyway, should they?

Why is it that it’s only taken you this arvo to stand up and say this happened?

 I know you’re only 18 but as the pressure comes on, a lot more girls who might have consented who are identified might well just line up and say they were raped as well.

How free and easy are you kids these days out there? You were 14 [when you had sex], yeah?

But if some of the girls have consented, that doesn’t make them rapists, does it?

 You see Amy, when you get to that sort of number and you get people like you who’ve been around for three years, you know what, I find it very difficult to understand why an allegation, if rape has occurred, it hasn’t happened before.

That’s why I’m getting a bit confused here right. The girls like them, the girls think they’re handsome, the girls go out with them, then you say they get raped, right?

The other side come to it, are they willing drinkers, all those questions come in don’t they?

Do you think over this period any of the girls could have got together and said, this is not on?

Matt McCarten, a regular guest on John Tamihere and Willie Jackson’s show, thinks they deserve more airtime on the subject and is trying to woo Matthew Hooton back after he was kicked out of the studio when he criticized the hosts’ treatment of Amy.

That’s why I’m getting a bit confused here right.

Tell me this, how old are Jackson and Tamihere? Ok, that’s a rhetorical question, I know they have a combined mental age of two.

I mean, how free and easy are those radio jocks like Tamihere and Jackson these days out there?

It’s years since they started, yeah? They are willing radio jocks.

Well, you know, when they go on the radio were they forced to act misogynistic and fire out sexist questions?

If some of their questions weren’t sexist does that mean none of them were?

So anyway, they ranted and raved, whatever,  you know when the pressure comes on, they and others like them might well just line up and say we weren’t being sexist. And they might just offer a lame apology and further show they just don’t get it.

Maybe their mates can explain to them victim blaming is no longer cool, even though it is prevalent. The cultural change in attitudes is largely thanks to the women’s liberation movement [watch Tamihere’s face turn purple].  Maybe gently point out that capitalism has been forced to adapt and that misogynist attitudes just get in the way of getting women in to the workforce.

The system today needs women out of the house without a burqa and a chaperone.

Women today are entitled to fresh-smelling airwaves and fun.

Of that modest demand John Tamihere and Willie Jackson are just a block in our way.

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