Best day yet

Posted: August 19, 2013 by Admin in Blog News

indexLast Thursday was the best day since we started this blog in June 2011.  We had 1,580 hits, topping our previous best single day of just under 1,200.

In 2012, our average monthly hits were substantially up on our monthly average for 2011 and this trend has continued this year.  August is now already our best-ever month, with 11 days still to go.

What is also encouraging is that people who come to look at the blog tend not to just look at one article, but at several.  One good example of this was our coverage of the firefighters’ dispute.  The main article on that dispute was linked to by the firefighters’ union and became, at that stage, our most-viewed article.  Hundreds upon hundreds of firefighters read the article and a section of them then went and read our article on how capitalism works and why, ultimately, it doesn’t.

Today, that particular firefighters’ article is only our 13th most hit-on as it has been overtaken by other articles, another indication of the growth in readers and hits.


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