Greetings to RSP

Posted: October 4, 2012 by Admin in Australian politics, capitalist crisis, Class Matters, Internationalism, Marxism, New Zealand politics, Protest

Last weekend the Australian Revolutionary Socialist Party helds its third congress.  The following greetings were presented from the Redline collective:

Greetings to the RSP congress from the comrades of the Redline blog in New Zealand.

Today Marxists confront a new set of problems thrown up by the particularly hard objective conditions we confront in this part of the world.  On the one hand, capitalism is clearly exhausted as an economic system; on the other hand, workers’ class consciousness and struggle has possibly never been weaker.

In the absence of an engaged working class, it is simply not possible to build a revolutionary workers’ party.  In this situation sections of the far left have simply chosen to accept low standards of behaviour  and to shift rightwards politically in order to feel part of something bigger.  Lip service is paid to Marxism, while in practice it is discarded. Tactically militant forms of activity are accompanied by Keynesian and nationalist economics, bandwagon-jumping and attempts to ‘talk up’ the level of protest in what have become surreal ways.

We have chosen a different path.  Recognising the unique combination of the bankruptcy of capitalism and the absence of the working class from its own struggle for emancipation, we have reaffirmed the necessity of Marxist analysis and politics.  We attempt to develop these through our blog and engaging in class and other political struggles wherever we can, but with a very realistic perspective on what can be achieved in terms of building a revolutionary alternative right now.

In Australia, things appear to be slightly better and the far left rather stronger.  We note, for instance, that you have entered into unity talks with Socialist Alternative on a principled basis and we wish you well with these.  A merger between two organisations operating on the basis of Marxism is always to be welcomed.




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