Occupation continues raiding villages in the West Bank

Posted: September 4, 2012 by Nick Scullin in Imperialism and anti-imperialism, Israel, Middle East, Palestine, PFLP, Political prisoners, State repression

Reprinted from the English website of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, here. Originally appeared on August 31, 2012

The occupation forces have continued a third consecutive week of nighttime raids and arrests against several villages in the West Bank of Palestine, carrying out a series of mass arrests against Palestinains claimed to be “wanted”, alleged to be members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. On August 30, the Zionist occupation military stormed Awarta village near Nablus at 2 AM, arresting Mohammed Ghazi Abadat, Mahmoud Fathi Darawshe, Bahaa Darawshe, and Mazen Awad. They also raided the home of the martyr Jibril Awad, who was in his life a leader of the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the PFLP, and arrested his father and mother for several hours.

At 4 AM on the same day, occupation special forces and armored vehicles attacked the refugee camp of Ein Beit el-Maa in Nablus arresting multiple people including Murad Mahmoud Khaled and Mahmoud Mohammed Nujoom. These events come shortly after similar raids near Bethlehem where a number of young people were arrested, including Mohammad Ali Sheikh and Abdul Burhan Sheikh.


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