What to make of the Greek elections

Posted: June 18, 2012 by Admin in capitalist crisis, EU and Euro, Europe, Greece, Internationalism

A quick comment by Redliners:

The outcome of the Greek elections is probably good for the far left there.

Had the left won, the pressure to make bad compromises would have been almost certainly overwhelming.
They would have had the worst of all worlds, being blamed for not instantly fixing a problem they hadn’t created.

Their position as the number two party in parliament gives them credibility as a political bloc and time to develop into their new status. And there will be plenty for them to agitate around.

The Kasama project has sent some people over to Greece to report on what is happening. The KOE seems to be doing a good job of building itself within Syriza, producing election literature of their own as well as handing out Syriza material.  There was an interesting report on a meeting organised in a village north of Athens, a conservative village where New Democracy is the main party and the Golden Dawn have a base but where, due to the crisis, it is now possible for Syriza and the KOE to get a hearing.

If all goes well it could be the beginning of the resurgence of a far left in parts of Europe.

Here’s hoping.


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