The highest honour the state can bestow –
to whom should such a treasure go?
Shall a standout planter of spuds or cotton
be lionised and not forgotten?
No, such a choice would not quite do
the machinery would not ring true
a capitalist list needs symbolism
representing the future of capitalism
a mad old dried up parasite
gorged on workers’ blood and full of shite
is the obvious ticket to fit this bill,
hold your nose,
and pass the gong to Phil

Don Franks

  1. Don Franks says:

    In explanation to overseas Redline readers:

    The little ditty above was written on this year’s Queens Birthday holiday, the day it was announced that Prince Philip had been awarded the Order of New Zealand.
    The Order Of New Zealand is the highest honour in the New Zealand ruling class’s honours system; “to recognise outstanding service to the Crown and people of New Zealand in a civil or military capacity”. It was instituted on 6 February 1987.
    The order comprises the Sovereign and Ordinary, Additional and Honorary members. Ordinary membership is limited to just 20 living members.
    Other ordinary members include past Labour pm Helen Clark, past National pm Jim Bolger and past Council of Trade Unions leader Ken Douglas.
    It was quite appropriate for that unionist to be included in this roll of loyal capitalist servants.
    Ken got his order after deflecting a general strike against the Employment Contracts Act, a savage union busting law from which the organised workers movement has yet to recover.