Farrar’s blog a pile of prejudices

Posted: May 8, 2012 by daphna in capitalist crisis, Greece

by Daphna Whitmore

David Farrar – the best known right-wing blogger in New Zealand – has something to say on just about everything. Most of what he says is superficial and just a pile of prejudices dressed up as “thinking”. His post after the elections in Greece is typical of his shallow rants. He quotes from a traveller who found a museum collection closed and concludes the whole nation are lazy:

Farrar: To be blunt current Greek culture is very unhealthy, and they are architects of their own misfortune. While small incidents, the stories of a Kiwi traveller there are symbolic of their problems:

The next day I’m at the bus stop early to get back up to the top of Meteora but it doesn’t come. Like many things in Greece they have a real CBF attitude – and they wonder why their economy is rooted.


The whole riot thing doesn’t really bother me though, as I’ve been informed most of it is just for the TV cameras and once they’re gone the rioters can be found a few blocks away drinking chi.


I guess that’s hardly surprising, the Greeks do have a reputation for being lazy, but in a way it’s extraordinary given they were the ones to invent such things as democracy.

I first encounter this laziness when I visit the Archeology Museum primarily to see the Greek vase collection which takes up the entire first floor.

I’m ridiculously excited (nerdy I know) but ever since I studied them at high school I’ve been a little obsessed.

But when I get there I discover the collection is closed.

When I ask I’m told – “just because.”

So I ask someone else and they helpfully inform me that they didn’t feel like putting on enough staff to cover it today, even though it’s the weekend.

And while only a museum collection, it is symbolic of the country overall.

Back to Greeks being lazy… they have a equal CBF attitude when it comes to showcasing their most prized possession – the Acropolis.

Most days it closes at 3pm but somedays earlier – it just depends on how they feel.

I suspect that Greece will have to be thrown out of the Euro, and have their own currency devalue to very low levels, for Greece to realise the rest of the world won’t keep funding your lifestyle.

Well, if tourist observations are to be the basis of analysis, here goes:

When I went to Greece in August 2010 the place seemed to be running efficiently. The trains, buses, ferries and planes were very good. A modern train system runs from the airport to the centre of the capital – something we don’t have in New Zealand. The restaurants, shops and tourist attractions had great service.

It’s no surprise the service was good, Greece has a well developed tourism industry.

In the summer – the peak tourism season – the Acropolis is open until 7.30pm, in the winter season it’s open for 7 hours a day and closes at 3pm. Evidence enough for Mr Farrar and his co-“thinkers” to declare the Greeks lazy.

In 2010 there had been a series of general strikes in the country in the weeks before I visited and I was hoping to witness these mass mobilisations first hand (and perhaps be “forced” to extend my holiday). It was not to be; as a taxi driver explained, there would be no strikes in August as the parliament was closed for the summer holiday. Come September the struggle would be back on, he said matter-of-factly.

Greece is a relatively developed capitalist country. In 2011 GDP per capita in Greece was $NZ31,000 (but falling by 18% on the previous year) compared to $NZ27,900 in this country.

Greece’s problems are based in the global financial meltdown, in fictitious capital and underlying problems of profitability in the capitalist system. Tens of thousands of Greeks are paying the price with unemployment, homelessness and poverty.

Support for the Radical Left in Greece has risen dramatically. How exasperating for Mr Farrar.

  1. William says:

    Get a REAL job Mr Farrar.

  2. Admin says:

    perhaps he could go to work at the museum in Athens and keep it open on winter nights for the odd New Zealand tourist who might show up.


  3. William says:

    Good idea instead of spending all day writing crap on blogs.

  4. Admin says:

    It’s funny though that he is regarded by the media as a serious ‘thinking’ right-wing blogger when his analysis of the meltdown of the Greek economy basically amounts to the idea that the Greeks are lazy. A few years ago, a similar meltdown occurred in Iceland. Maybe they’re all lazy too. And Ireland. And now Portugal and Spain. Even the mighty United States has had some very serious economic woes as the finance sector partially disintegrated. But maybe the Americans are lazy too!

    On the other hand, of course, it might just have nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with the anarchy of the market. It’s kinda crazy that we organise our own lives, that even capitalist firms engage a lot in planning, but then the defenders of the market – a mere thing – are hostile to a planned economy, by, for and of workers, the people who actually produce all the goods and services that make the world go round.

    Capitalist ideology about the market is like those primitive fetishes that endowed things – trees, stones, animals – with the power to do stuff.

    The irrationalism has reached the level where even sunspot theory is making a bit of a comeback among some bourgeois economist hacks.


    • William says:

      Absolutely right Phil money is man’s creation not something in short supply at all, its just made that way by persons whom wish to control and bludge of the backs of the masses.