Below are two videos from the protest outside McDonalds in The Square, Palmerston North last Saturday (Dec 17).  The ANZCO-Canterbury Meat Processors’ workers have been fighting a vicious company lockout since October 19, following their refusal to accept large pay cuts.  As a way of putting pressure on ANZCO the workers and their supporters have been protesting outside McDonalds to try to get McDonalds to stop buying meat from ANZCO.    We urge readers of Redline to support these protests and to donate to the workers’ relief fund.  You can donate by phoning 0900 LOCKOUT.

The first video is a general one of the protest; the second video features Jill Brasell and Don Franks.


  1. Cheers Colin.
    The composition is an internationalist contribution to the struggle from Australian radical Geoff Francis.

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