A snapshot of Occupy Wall Street

by Nick Scullin

The following photos and videos were taken 12th October 2011. They feature Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters marching and at their occupation of Zuccotti Park as well as a rally by 32BJ union members that later linked up with the OWS occupation. Click the images in the galleries to see fullsize.

Heavy police presence

There was a heavy police presence and barriers had been erected outside the Wall Street and the surrounding areas.

32BJ Union Rally

32BJ is the biggest property service workers union in America and it is affiliated to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The protest seen here on 12th October 2011 is made up of office cleaners rallying for good jobs. According to 32BJ’s press release:

“To spotlight the need for good jobs and the growing wealth gab between the ultra rich and working people, hundreds of office cleaners, along with union supporters and groups such as Occupy Wall Street marched and rallied today to the New York Stock Exchange.”

The rest of the press release can be viewed here: http://www.seiu32bj.org/au/PR_2011_1012NY.asp

Leaders gave militant speeches in favour of better pay and working conditions as well as identifying their grievances with those of the OWS protesters. At one point the workers chanted we are the 99%. A heavy police presence kept the marchers restricted to a certain area barricaded off from passers by that also prevented them from getting closer than a block away from Wall Street. After the rally the union members marched to the OWS occupation site a few blocks away in Zuccotti Park. The marched on the footpaths and did not attempt to block trafic. Once there they mingled with OWS occupiers.

The Speeches (video)

First speaker part 1

First speaker part 2

Second speaker

Images of the rally

The rally heads to the Zuccotti Park occupation


In images

Zuccotti Park Occupation

Protesters have been occupying Zuccotti Park since 17th September 2011. Protesters held up signs for passers by and marched around the perimeter of the park chanting and holding up placards. Later protesters marched to Wall Street at the same time that the 32BJ union members were marching to Zuccotti Park to meet up with the Occupiers. The protesters march was heavily restricted by the police who almost outnumbered the marchers. Marchers were not permitted to block traffic and marched on the footpath.

Images of the occupation

Video of the OSW protesters marching to the Wall Street a little after the 32BJ rally

For a full account of the Occupy Wall Street movement see recent article by Colin Clarke here: https://rdln.wordpress.com/2011/10/26/occupy-wall-street-an-analysis/