Friday, 18 July, 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Embassy of Israel – Baileys Building, 36 Brandon Street (off Lambton Quay)

Rally: 2pm, Saturday, 19 July, at the Octagon.

Rally: 2pm, Saturday, 19 July, Cathedral Square, Colombo Street, Christchurch Central

Rally: 2pm, Saturday, 19 July, Aotea Square, Queen St. Bring your own placards & banners. Rally will hear brief speeches then march via TVNZ and NZ Herald to the US Consulate.

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Con Devitt

Con Devitt

by Don Franks

Con Devitt died last Sunday aged 86.

Con was a staunch socialist working class fighter, the like of which  this country has seen too few. Leader of the Boilermakers union and later, the Trade Union Federation, Con improved the lives of many workers and inspired many of the young activists lucky enough to know him. Of all the fine union people I knew, Con made the biggest impression on me.

When I first became a union delegate at Ford Motors I was a green young university dropout, knowing nothing about industrial struggle. Someone told me to go and get some advice from Con. As it happened, his flat at the time was just next to mine, so I went and knocked on the door. Con was getting ready for a party but was prepared to delay mixing with his guests to share some thoughts with a keen young bloke. He offered me a drink and began to advise me.

I had not met Con before and was not used to the thick Scots accent that he maintained throughout his life. “Alright, what ye’re ta do,” Con began. He warmed to his theme and the more ardent he got, the less the sounds meant to me. After quarter of an hour he nodded and grunted as if making an end of his discourse. Not having understood more than the first couple of words I thanked Con very much and went away almost as ignorant as before. Except I now knew that a good union guy would put politics before socialising.

Not long after our first meeting, Con knocked on my door. He said we were off to a union meeting, a boilermakers meeting, so I could see what a proper union meeting was like. The room was packed with short nuggety-looking men who talked and argued in brisk short syllables. Within the framework of formal meeting procedure several contentious resolutions were hammered out, like hot pieces of metal on an anvil.

Later on I also learned from Con by  Read the rest of this entry »


Fractals in nature show order repeated in patterns at all nesting levels in all systems – they often have obvious various types of spirals in their design and amazing imagery – spirals being the nature of all development.

We don’t necessarily agree with everything in Steve Masterson’s article below, for instance some of us would disagree with what he says about Lenin, Mao and/or Trotsky in relation to dialectics, and with the comments about WW3, but we think this is a very important subject, far too often overlooked by Marxists.  Indeed, it is quite rare to find practical activity on the left guided by dialectical analysis.  Instead, dialectics is usually assigned a role as abstract/rarefied theory, the subject of an occasional intellectual paper or talk, but not a central part of day-to-day political analysis and activity on the left and not something for the ‘mere’ rank-and-file to bother themselves with.  Hopefully, Steve’s work will spark off the kind of discussion and debate which is much-needed in relation to dialectics.

A modern dialectics is essential for social revolution, explains Steve Masterson

Note: Because of the original ideas contained in this series on a new dialectics, this article makes better sense when read in context of the previous two articles on Redline; first here on systems theory and second here on chaos.

In the last article we explored the phases or zones of chaos and transformation between all systems and things. Here, we investigate some specific dynamics of relative order, of the main life-span of any system or thing at any interconnected nesting level of nature; its most general related parts, properties and processes.

This has profound implications for grasping the chaotic ‘order’ phases of capitalism. We have all lived through its current decaying Read the rest of this entry »

imagesby Michael Roberts

Last weekend, in sunny Aix en Provence, IMF chief, Christine Lagarde hinted that the IMF is likely to reduce once again its forecast for global economic growth for this year and next. She said that “momentum could be weaker than expected”. Lagarde reckoned that the huge liquidity stimulus coming from the central banks (most recently a proposed $1.4trn liquidity injection by the ECB to stave off recession and deflation) would have “only limited impact on demand”.

Last April, the IMF forecast global output would grow by 3.6% in 2014 and 3.9% in 2015, down from previous forecasts. Now it appears that these will be lowered again later this month.  So what was the answer to improving this growth, which will be way too low to get profitability of capital on a sustained upward path globally, let alone get global unemployment down and get real incomes per household up?  Lagarde said the answer was “more public investment”!   Pretty ironic as everywhere, governments are slashing public investment in order to meet fiscal austerity targets and ‘make room’ for private investment.  Now the IMF says that countries should boost growth by governments investing in infrastructure, education and health, provided their debt stays sustainable. That’s because capitalist investment “remains subdued”.

It sure does. US business investment has been the Read the rest of this entry »

140122 Callam 2by Ben Hillier

There hasn’t been much good news for workers in the last few months. The May budget is an obvious disaster and confirms, if confirmation were needed, that the Liberals want to construct a society characterised by misery for many and splendour for a privileged few. A number of reports and decisions have shown how far we have already moved in that direction.

The June annual Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management World Wealth Report estimates that the number of Australian millionaires is up by 12,000 in a year and 30 percent since 2007. Oxfam calculates that these 219,000 individuals, representing just under 1 percent of the total population, own as much as the bottom 14 million. The nine richest billionaires own as much as the poorest 4.5 million people.

These astonishing figures might be underestimates: the Forbes rich list, released in late June using more up to date data, shows that the average wealth of the richest 200 has reached $968 million, up 9.5 percent from 2013. Australia is now home to a record 39 billionaires.

Contrast that result with the Fair Work Commission’s national minimum wage order last month, which imposed a pay freeze in real terms on Read the rest of this entry »

indexJuly 4, 2014 – Comrade Leila Khaled, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, saluted the martyred child Mohammed Abu Khdeir, murdered, tortured and burned by Zionist settlers, greeting his mother: “Your son did not burn; he lives in the heart of every Palestinian and every young man who now revolts.”

In an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV, she said that this moment requires immediate action for national unity and the establishment of a new level of struggle to confront occupation and settlements. “Leaders who will not act in this moment must step down,” she said.

She called for an immediate Read the rest of this entry »

6a00d83451d75d69e2019b00aaa23d970c-800wiLabour’s annual snooze-fest took place at the weekend, the usual motley collection of wizened older cynics, opportunist thirty- and forty-somethings and a smattering of naive young people who think they belong to something left-wing.  TV pictures tended to indicate it was a rather small affair.  This dreary bunch of ‘alternative’ managers of the interests of the exploiting class continue to wallow in the polls and party leader Cunliffe especially so.  The ruling class aren’t yet ready to trade management teams, as they were in 1984 and 1999.  Maybe 2017?  Although Labour are long-proven to be no alternative for workers, chunks of the left chatter on about a “Labour-led government”, as if this would be some kind of positive alternative to Key and National.  And parties like Mana are up for doing business.

Below is a selection of material on Redline, dissecting Labour:

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Union movement gathers for fairness at work, Labour gathers missionaries: http://rdln.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/union-movement-gathers-for-fairness-at-work-labour-gathers-missionaries/

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Some further observations on the fourth Labour government: http://rdln.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/more-on-the-fourth-labour-government/

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